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Stan Kolev - Trouvaille Outta Limits Recordings

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OUT NOW!!! Exclusively on Beatport

Stan Kole, Rick Pier O'Neil - Descend (Original Mix) Outta Limits Recordings

I am not a big fan of competing especially when it comes to creativity, arts etc. "INSTEAD OF COMPETING ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS CREATE". I am sharing this to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone all aver the world who have supported me over the years. Never would've made It without you. I am doing this for you and will continue doing if there is even the smallest chance to reach and touch even one person. This was done without releasing my music on major labels and without marketing and promotions. 95 percent of the music I release is on my own independent label OUTTA LIMITS, so anything is possible if you do it with LOVE. You ain't seen nothing yet!!!
We have reached a new milestone ðŸâœŒï¸ and now officially ranked #1 as the top selling progressive house labels on Beatport for the past 12 months! ðŸ’šYou guys give us the power the drive to keep doing what love the most and what do best - MUSIC! .

We have a number 1 record!!!
Only one week after its release
Stan Kolev - Nu Moon (Original Mix)
has climbed to number one on
Thank you for your LOVE and Support. We could not have done it without you 

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